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Thank you for attending CATESOL 2015!  The conference is over, and we would appreciate it if you would please fill out this conference evaluation. :-)
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Friday, November 13

7:00am PST

8:30am PST

Easy and Engaging Digital Lessons with Weebly Catalina 7 (Lower level) Crop, Insert, Share: Creating Free Video Lessons to Enhance Learning Huntington C (4th floor) Building Successful Writers: Scaffolding and Cultural Schema with Arabic Students Capistrano B (4th floor) Fostering Learner Autonomy in the Classroom Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Get Down to Business: MBA Prep in an IEP Catalina 4 (Lower level) Strategies to Overcome the Challenges of Flipping the Classroom Capistrano A (4th floor) Teaching Voice Quality Setting in the Pronunciation Classroom Salinas (4th floor) Using Technology to Offer Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom Walls San Simeon A (4th floor) 36 Read-Aloud eBooks with detailed Teacher Guides Catalina 2 (Lower level) Advanced Grammar: Exploring Grammatical Applications in Authentic Textbooks Oceanside (4th floor) Career Readiness, Civics, and Academic Prep: The new Side by Side Plus with eText Avila B (4th floor) Life Skills: What They Are and How to Teach them Catalina 3 (Lower level) A Closer Look at Learner Errors: Past Tense Pedagogical Implications Redondo (4th floor) Critical Thinking in Academic Writing: Clear Explanations with Co-constructed Assessment Manhattan (4th floor) Providing Directions for English Learners Successfully San Simeon B (4th floor) Reading and Writing Digitally vs. in Print: Research to Practice Laguna A (4th floor) #CATESOLchat - The first ever LIVE CATESOL Twitter Chat Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Authentic Materials: Creating Engaging Listening and Speaking Lessons Avila A (4th floor) AWL Revisited: Strategies to Improve Word Form Retention in ESL Written Production Huntington AB (4th floor) Reading and Technology: Insights and Websites on Reading! Monterey (4th floor) Yes I Can! Building Student Confidence San Clemente (4th floor)

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9:45am PST

Effective Classroom Management through Game Theory and Cultural Understanding Huntington C (4th floor) Beyond Research Papers: Sharing Academic Knowledge in a Digital World Catalina 4 (Lower level) Connecting meaningfully: empowering learners to engage in conversation confidently Capistrano A (4th floor) Effective Cross-training across Disciplines: Tapping into Expertise to Direct Students to the Appropriate English Sequence Catalina 7 (Lower level) High Tech Literature: Bringing Classic Novels into the 21st Century San Clemente (4th floor) Making Feedback Work: Peer Review as an Essay Capistrano B (4th floor) Promoting Academic Reading and Writing Through Journalism Monterey (4th floor) TESOL education Policy Outlook:  Focus on PreK-12 San Simeon A (4th floor) Busting Myths on the Teaching of Listening and Speaking Redondo (4th floor) How to Implement Interactive & Engaging Technology on Any Budget Santa Monica (4th floor) Increasing Fluency Phrase by Phrase San Simeon B (4th floor) Longman Online Dictionaries, Providing Instant Gratification and Accuracy Manhattan (4th floor) OTAN – Educational Technology for 25 Years Catalina 5 (Lower level) Stand Out: Standards-Based English to achieve success in life, college and career El Capitan B (4th floor) Technology, Critical Reading and the ELL Curriculum Malibu (4th floor) Implementing Content-Based Instruction in Academic Preparation Programs Catalina 6 (Lower level) Bring Your Grammar Class to Life! Huntington AB (4th floor) How to Create Blogs for ESL Reading/Writing Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Lights, Camera, Action: Interactive Video Activities for English Learners Palos Verdes B (4th floor) NODEA: A Structured Approach towards Successfully Addressing Student Classroom Misbehavior Laguna A (4th floor) Revisiting Old Favorites with Popular Technology: Using Smartphones and Tablets to Increase, Assess, and Reinforce Vocabulary Learning Avila A (4th floor) Socrative: Connect, Engage, and Assess Students Avila B (4th floor)

10:15am PST

11:00am PST

Drama Re-visited: Dealing with Identity Tensions Redondo (4th floor) Enhancing Student Preparation and Participation through Online Assignments Huntington C (4th floor) Top Policy Issues in Community College ESL: Act, or React? Catalina 3 (Lower level) Amazing Aurasmas Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Closing the Achievement Gap Through Meaningful Interactions Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Connecting Psycholinguistic Principles to the Language Classroom Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Differentiating Reading Comprehension Tasks in Adult Mixed-Level Classes Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) MoviesGrowEnglish (MGE): Watch Movies, Learn English Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Rearranging Seat Assignments: Strategy to Build a Sense of Community Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Supplementing ESL Classroom Activities With Social Media: For Young Adult Learners Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Using Annotation for SLOs Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) A Process Approach to Academic Speaking: Meeting Challenges with Mini-Presentations Catalina 7 (Lower level) AB86 Funds Innovation: ESL Bridge to College Though Technology! Capistrano B (4th floor) Create Meaningful Learning Through Project-Based Instruction Laguna B (4th floor) How Purposeful Writing Reduces Plagiarism Santa Monica (4th floor) Optimizing Business English Skills Development: An Integrated Workplace English Curriculum Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Outside the Margins: Alternatives to Written Corrective Feedback Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Preparing ESL Learners for Objective and Reflective Writing San Simeon A (4th floor) Teaching Low Beginners with Technology: Strategies for Success! San Clemente (4th floor) The Tale of Three Tests: TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, and IELTS Laguna A (4th floor) Tips and Tricks for Creating a 21st Century classroom Malibu (4th floor) Two Are Better Than One: Peer Feedback for Low-Proficiency Writers Avila B (4th floor) Using Technology as a Tool to Create Autonomous Life-Long English Language Learners Monterey (4th floor) Grammar Explorer – Taking grammar to uncharted territory El Capitan A (4th floor) Introducing Your WIOA Solution: Career Pathways with Burlington English Manhattan (4th floor) Organize/Access English Sounds Using Picture Cues Catalina 2 (Lower level) Supporting writing through vocabulary and grammar resources Catalina 5 (Lower level) Tailoring Word Study for English Learners San Simeon B (4th floor) Vocabulary: The Fastest Way to Go Further in a Foreign Language Catalina 4 (Lower level) Influence of Pronunciation Monitoring on Affective Variables Catalina 6 (Lower level) CCRS and ESL from the Instructor's Perspective Salinas (4th floor) MOVED: Building Students’ Motivation and Self-Efficacy Through Collaborative Brainstorming (now on Saturday) Huntington AB (4th floor) Taking Your English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program to the Next Level: A case study of an Academic Success Program (ASP) Capistrano A (4th floor)

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Presentation Skills for Millennials: Using Video Voice-Over Huntington C (4th floor) Agents of Change: Fostering Students at the Margins through Virtual Classrooms Avila B (4th floor) Supporting International Graduate Students: Best Practices Monterey (4th floor) A Holistic Approach to Teaching Beginning Level Arabic Speakers San Simeon A (4th floor) CALL-Driven ESL Lessons 'Technologize' STEM Students Catalina 7 (Lower level) Collaborating with English Programs to Ensure Long-Term ESL Student Success San Clemente (4th floor) Hands-On Interactive Activities for Low Level Learners Oceanside (4th floor) Nurturing Confident Academic Writers through Technology-Based Feedback Manhattan (4th floor) Powerful Picture Books: Visual Literacy Skills Help Enhance Content Comprehension Capistrano B (4th floor) Teaching Formulaic Expressions Using Classroom Language and Your Current Textbooks Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Turning Texts Into Fun Word Frequency Jigsaws Catalina 3 (Lower level) Critical Thinking: Asking Questions About the Questions El Capitan B (4th floor) Integrating College and Career Readiness Instructional Shifts in ESL San Simeon B (4th floor) Interested in earning your MA TESOL through the University of San Francisco? Catalina 1 (Lower level) Listening with a Purpose El Capitan A (4th floor) Successful Strategies for Handling Grammar in the Hot Seat Santa Monica (4th floor) The Power of TED with 21st Century Reading and World English! Catalina 6 (Lower level) The Skills and Knowledge Needed for the Naturalization Process Catalina 2 (Lower level) The World is Your Classroom: Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow Program Malibu (4th floor) Assessing the NGSL on Moodle: Purpose, Method and Results Laguna A (4th floor) Back to the Drawing Board - Prewriting Tools Laguna B (4th floor) Creating effective ePortfolio assignments for ESL courses. Catalina 4 (Lower level) EL Civics for a New Age Catalina 5 (Lower level) Help! Effective Strategies for Busy Teachers of Multi-Level Classes Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Making the Case for Brain-Based Learning Huntington AB (4th floor) Making Writing Assignments Fun! Redondo (4th floor) Plugging into the academic conversation with paraphrasing strategies Capistrano A (4th floor) Storytelling: An Engaging Listening and Speaking Practice Avila A (4th floor)

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