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Thank you for attending CATESOL 2015!  The conference is over, and we would appreciate it if you would please fill out this conference evaluation. :-)
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Saturday, November 14

7:00am PST

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Comprehension, Meaning-Making and Writer Authority: An Inquiry Into Paraphrasing Huntington C (4th floor) How to quickly determine speaking ability, without a speaking test Catalina 2 (Lower level) Preparing New Secondary ELD Teachers for California Public Schools San Simeon A (4th floor) Revisioning the Practicum Experience in TESOL Teacher Education San Clemente (4th floor) Creating A Thematic Website Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Delivering content through dictation in a VESL environment Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) EFL College Students' Usage and Perceptions of Mobile Language Learning Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Seniors and ESL Students, A Win-Win-Win Situation Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Teaching Requests: Addressing Form, Function and Pragmatic Awareness Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Technology Enhanced Langauge Learning: Promoting Classroom Interaction Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) Writing an Effect Essay using Multimodal Activities and Reading Text Pacific Ballroom CD (Exhibit Hall - 2nd floor) CANCELLED: Differentiating Digital and Media Literacy Instruction: Language and content at three levels in an IEP Catalina 3 (Lower level) Creative Activities for Creative Writing: Adapting MFA Program Tasks Catalina 4 (Lower level) Effective Techniques for Teaching Phrasal Verbs to Improve Communicative Competence Manhattan (4th floor) Promoting Student Success and Engagement through Portfolios in Basic Skills/ESL Writing Classes Redondo (4th floor) Teaching Essay Writing Through Collaborative Group Work Laguna B (4th floor) TESOL Education Policy Outlook:  Focus on Higher Ed. and Adult Ed. Malibu (4th floor) Touch, Turn, Talk - Using PowerPoint Effectively in Presentations Monterey (4th floor) Written corrective feedback: effective for students, timesaving for teachers Oceanside (4th floor) Creating Classroom Activities from Free TOEFL® Resources Santa Monica (4th floor) Helping Students Find Their Voice in English: Speaking Exercises to Improve Fluency and Clarity Catalina 7 (Lower level) Out and About: Teacherless Activities for Beginners Capistrano B (4th floor) Taking Grammar to Uncharted Territory Avila A (4th floor) Dispelling Pronunciation Myths San Simeon B (4th floor) Language & Revision with Text and Screencast Video Feedback Avila B (4th floor) Proyecta 100,000 at COC: Strengths and Challenges of an Exchange Story Catalina 6 (Lower level) Role of a SLA Course in Pre-Service Teacher Self-Efficacy Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Supporting “unmotivated” international secondary students Catalina 5 (Lower level) Understanding and Discussing Current Trends in TESOL Employment Issues Salinas (4th floor) What's in a Name? Examining the Adoption of 'American' Names in the ESL Classroom Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Building Background Knowledge beyond the Textbook Capistrano A (4th floor) Building Students’ Motivation and Self-Efficacy Through Collaborative Brainstorming (with correct time & location) New room: Avila B (4th floor) Helping Students Succeed on Timed Life Skills Reading Tests Laguna A (4th floor) The Great Vocabulary Challenge: Teaching 32 Dimensions of a Lexical Item Huntington AB (4th floor)

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Teaching Business English through News Apps Redondo (4th floor) “Just the Word” : A Student-Friendly Corpus for Vocabulary Acquisition Huntington C (4th floor) Assessing Student Learning with Interactive Technology Tools Capistrano A (4th floor) Citation Kit: A Practical Cross-Cultural Teaching Approach Malibu (4th floor) Creating Passageways to Academic Success: Helping Refugees Become Resilient Learners Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Five Ways to Use Technology in the Reading Classroom Laguna A (4th floor) Grammar and Writing: Getting and Keeping Students Involved Avila B (4th floor) How adult ESL learners can help children become bilingual Oceanside (4th floor) Practis, Practise, Practice! Teaching an Effective Spelling Class Capistrano B (4th floor) Virtual Reality Headsets, Robots, and ESL Monterey (4th floor) Boosting ELLs from Great Essays to Research Papers Santa Monica (4th floor) Cultivating Proficient Academic Writers Catalina 1 (Lower level) Proficiency Testing through the Ages: Where are we now? San Clemente (4th floor) Does Flipping Lead to Increased Gains of Learning Outcomes? Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Braving an EFL Classroom: Maximizing the Assistant Language Teacher’s Role Laguna B (4th floor) Bridging the Gap: Creating Effective Transition Programs Manhattan (4th floor) How to Thrive as a New ESL Teacher! San Simeon A (4th floor) iPad apps for teaching ESL Huntington AB (4th floor) Standards, Instruction, Assessment: Moving Forward, Looking Ahead Avila A (4th floor) Teaching Research Paper Writing in Advanced ESL Courses San Simeon B (4th floor)

2:15pm PST

3:00pm PST

Turnitin.com - Giving Feedback and Grading Papers Huntington C (4th floor) Being Present in the Online Classroom: Principles and Tips for Authentic Connection in Online Learning Manhattan (4th floor) CANCELLED: Disrupting Classroom Discourse: Preparing Students and Teachers for Advanced Schooling and Workplace Register Demands Laguna A (4th floor) Critical Thinking Activities for Beginning Learners Capistrano A (4th floor) Non- and low-literate students can use tech too! San Simeon B (4th floor) Payday! A Technological Premise for Practical Principles of Business Pronunciation Laguna B (4th floor) Stress Reduction Tips for Teachers and Students Monterey (4th floor) Teaching English Online: Test Preparation and Making Ends Meet Malibu (4th floor) The ABCs of Argument Analysis Palos Verdes A (4th floor) Burlington English - Dynamic ESL Instruction for All Levels Capistrano B (4th floor) Differentiated Instruction with Technology Redondo (4th floor) Helping Saudi Women Thrive in the ESL Classroom San Simeon A (4th floor) Accessible Technology: How to Flip Your Classroom with Ease Avila A (4th floor) Degrees of BS, Mapping the Boundaries of Profanity Palos Verdes B (4th floor) Reading Skills for Successful Transition of ESL Learners Huntington AB (4th floor) The Techne of TESOL: Creative Problem Solving for Teachers San Clemente (4th floor) Top Five Apps for Composition Avila B (4th floor) Update Your IELTS Class with Engaging Activities Santa Monica (4th floor) Intercultural Communication Workshop: Planned Intercultural Observation through Guest Speakers Catalina 4 (Lower level) Non-Native Language Educators’ Issues Workshop: Rebuilding the NNEST Catalina 6 (Lower level) Part-time Educators’ Workshop: Professional learning model to support part-time educators Catalina 7 (Lower level) Teaching English in the Workplace Workshop: Teaching workplace English: proposals, pricing, and planning Catalina 2 (Lower level) Teaching of Pronunciation Workshop: No-tech to High-tech Pronunciation Strategies to Improve Communication Catalina 3 (Lower level) Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Workshop: TELL IG -Technology in the classroom Catalina 5 (Lower level)

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